Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Live to blog


I know I just posted about this subject not too long ago, so for all of you faithful readers, sorry for the digression.  But I feel that now, with Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Blog Challenge getting underway, it’s a good time to touch on the subject again.  I’ve noticed quite a few ‘newbies’ that have stated that they don’t have a blog, and basically wanting to know:


I know I’ve already listed all the reasons I blog the last time I talked about it.  It’s the virtual on-line version of journaling.  It’s marketing strategy.  It’s information sharing, and if used properly and regularly, it can keep you visible – keeping your name (or at least your blog title ‘name’) on the top of the search engine heap.  
So this post has me thinking, and wondering about the history of the blog.  Who first started them, why and when.  I suppose I need to go GOOGLE that! 
Was it for personal gain?  Just ramblings about life, love and living in general?  Or was it as a precursor to a corporate website?  There are sooooo many bloggers out there today – with so many reasons to do it.  Fashion blogs.  Recipe blogs.  Mom blogs.  BEAD blogs. Some have thousands of followers, and even world renown.  Some have just a few followers, and keep the subject matter to a specific genre.   I have an entire favorites folder FULL (say that three times fast) of blogs that I enjoy visiting and reading on a regular basis – and finding more to add everyday thanks to the likes of both Facebook and Pinterest.  (If haven’t “Pinterest-ed” yet – time suck warning.  Just sayin.). 

All in all…

blog2(ALL images courtesy of Google Images)

And I hope you do too.  If you haven’t started one yet – Blogger (which this blog is made of) is SIMPLE.  SIMPLE.  Trust me.  If it wasn’t I wouldn’t be here.  In fact – at one point I attempted to switch my blog to a website/blog that was supposed to be user friendly, and have shopping availability too.  NOT.  Needless to say – I am still counting on this very blog – and ETSY(for now) – to do it all for me.  Can’t say Blogger doesn’t have it’s issues – but it’s easy to use.  And if you’ve got Windows running on your PC – you’ve probably got LiveWriter – making it even easier to babble on about everything – and nothing – and put it out there for all the world to see!  LOL!
Looking forward to hitting all the bead soup blogs on the reveal dates.  Some of those usually end up on my Favorites list – will one of them be yours?
Peaceful beading-and blogging,

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