Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The importance of being a blogger



Do YOU blog?  I sure hope so.  To me, it is sort of like a modern day ‘journal’, and why I ultimately chose to name my blog “The BABBLING Beader”.  Because although I try to add content that I think YOU might be interested in, and of course photos of fun and exciting things like my dogs and my garden, and my jewelry (I hope you realize that I’m using the words fun and exciting quite facetiously here Smile) I mostly do it for ME. I BABBLE.  It sort of like venting, sometimes helping me to sort out problems, think things through and make decisions about whatever it is I feel may be blog worthy.  That being said – I am very grateful to each and every one of you as readers, who take the time to at least scan my words if not find something in them to help you live and grow.  I’m not sure I’ve ever posted anything thought provoking or tear jerking as some of our other eloquent blog writers can so lovingly do, but I try to post truth and even humor on occasion.  And as much as I LOVE reading comments, as I’ve said before – just seeing that number on the counter rise with every blog post is good enough for me.

So if you blog – feel free to share your blog URL with me in the comments.  If I’m not already a fan (Renetha and Patricia), I will add you to my favorites list.  I keep an entire folder of blog sites that I try to read at least on a weekly basis, if not more often.  The longer it gets though – the harder it gets to get through them all!  And I need BEAD time.  And READ time.  I’m trying be a better reader this year, delving into actual fiction and literature other than romance novels and mysteries.  At least until the next Nora Roberts book comes out! LOL!  And of course – the birds are still angry.  In all four of the games that I own.  Open-mouthed smile
So blog on, bead on, live, love….and breathe.
Peaceful beading,


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