Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Back in Business

We have water.  Yay.   The gentlemen that came today to finish the job that the other guys started did a much more thorough job, because, hey – that’s what THEY do.  The guys yesterday weren’t even plumbers, and didn’t even know how to run the equipment.  Talk about the wrong man for the job!  Final dollar result was much less too – because they decided to write in part of yesterdays ridiculous total for today.  Damn straight. 

I still spent most of my day today with my friend Sally, beading and planning for a prosperous bead and jewelry future.  I took some things with me, thinking I’d be making some earrings to card up and add to the Off~Rack inventory.  THIS is what I ended up creating instead….


I’m calling this one “Steel her Heart” – for the steel silver color, and because the red – the heart and all the other beads – were all STOLEN (with her permission!) from Sally’s bead stash!  This one is $50.00 and will probably also go to Off~Rack.
I did come home and create some earrings, a simple seed bead embellished 3 tier RAW that I’ll take pictures of tomorrow.  But THESE are the colors I used:


WHA!  Talk about pink!  Make you blink pink!  I love how they turned out though – and I think people will like them.  I did one pair with burnished gold, the other with silver.  I’ll probably make a few more pair – a metallic bronze, silver and copper pair, and probably a black.  Then when those are done, I’ll decide what to do about the spiral rope necklace I started with the beads above.  I don’t really like it, but hate to waste the Fireline – so I’m trying to figure out what to create using the section I’ve already done.  Hopefully something will come to me tomorrow.  I had planned to hit Off~Rack tomorrow to switch out Christmas stuff for Valentines – but that was before the big water drama.  I will get there one day this week…
Peaceful beading,



lamplight crafts said...

See, little prayers from friends and it all works out.

coolmoon said...

At least until I see the entire VISA bill next month. Then I'll panic again.