Friday, January 18, 2013

Outside my window

Granddale for Facebook 020

This isn’t exactly what it looks like out there anymore, but it is still mostly white, icy and down right cold.  I really miss being able to sit out there and soak in the sun and sink my fingers into the earth, walk my garden path and feel the energy of new spring growth. 
It’s been a rough month for me.  It started out on a great note – riding high on the love I felt from the Shiawassee Art Center, all the opportunities that seemed to just flow in, one right after the other.  And then came the crash.  One right after the other.  Falling through.  Falling apart.  NOT the way I had thought it would be at all.  I actually have another blog post all ready to upload  that I think I’ll just skip at this point.  You don’t need to feel the depression that went along with it.  I’m slowly sliding out the other side, starting to bead a little again – although I have absolutely no plan or idea where it’s going to go.  I guess it doesn’t really matter.  When it comes right down to it…


There’s still a question when it comes to tax time, and whether or not to continue what I do as a business.  After much soul searching, and questioning, and talking to others about the choice – it comes down to the fact that I would very much like to. I still want to do a few shows this year (if I can come up with the table fees and transportation), as well as do some teaching, and try to stick my foot in the door of some more opportunities.  Like casino gift shops, summer vacation destination towns with gift boutiques, etc.  That’s a little more than a hobby in my book.  I’d also still like to find a way to be a bead shop again someday – when Michigan’s economy isn’t in the crapper.
As far as the Etsy shop – eh.  I think I am going to close it in a few weeks.  There is just way too much competition from other bead sellers, and other beaders, period.  My items are just not unique enough to be noticed on a consistent enough basis.  I have no desire to jump on the ‘tutorial’ wagon – which seems to be what sells right now. 
So outside my window, and inside my creative mind – it’s a bit cold and snowy right now.  I bit iced over.  Not really finding the creative spirit that was flowing so easily just a few short weeks ago.  But my conversation with a few of the prosperity group girls yesterday convinced me that it’s OK to just sit back and rest right now.  Play a little.  And just let the things that are going to happen – happen.
Sometimes it’s easier than others to go with that flow…
I hope the ice melts – inside and OUT – soon.
Peaceful beading,
And P.S.  Don’t forget to hop down to the next post to enter the contest for the free beads!

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