Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Happy Holiday Test

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Happy Festivus, or whatever it is you are celebrating this time of year!

It's been awhile again since I last blogged - someone mentioned that Blogger had made some changes, so I thought I better hop over and make sure I still CAN.  PLUS -  I'm still not sure that blogging without purpose (no tutorials, recipes, patterns, etc. to offer) is the IN thing to do these days, so it's kinda taken a back seat to one of my new passions - crocheting.   Mostly infinity scarves, and cowls - for myself and for friends.  Just warm fuzzy hands busy fun while watching my new guilty Netflix pleasure (for the 4th time beginning to end) Gilmore Girls!  

This style is really fun and FAST - started at kick off of the Sunday Detroit Lions football game, and finished in the fourth quarter....  :D

My favorite - and most challenging success - my lacy purple infinity scarf.  Had to tear that puppy out twice before I finally got it.  And I love it.  

 But don't get me wrong - BEADING is still "A" NUMBER ONE.  In fact, I may blog again regularly just to be able to have an alternative way to offer my newest creations - COOL CLOTHES.
I'm hitting the resale shops, the garage sales, and asking my friends for their gently used denim jackets, vests and lightweight women's wear.  I am going to be giving them new life and "enlightening" them with beaded embellishments.  I'm hoping by finding low cost clothing, that I can then pass that on in the form of a lowish price when I present them during show season this year.  

This was the first one, the experimental one, that I am quite pleased with.  There will be a variety of sizes and styles - I sure hope my customers find them unique enough.... most of them won't fit me!

I feel I've come full circle with the bead adventure, too.  When I first began doing beadwork, it was mainly on a loom, with a Native American edge to it.  I ALSO, along with those loomed pieces, embellished clothing - t-shirts, jackets, hats, etc - with beads and sparkle paint.  Just a LITTLE BIT (read this with a very sarcastic edge) cruder and no where near as professional as those being done today.  But that was almost 25 years ago!   I've come a LONG WAY, baby!

So I hope to see you over here on the blog a bit more in the new year.  2017.  Numerologically - it breaks down to a 1 - NEW BEGINNINGS.  And personally, I also have a few favorable astrological aspects hitting right now and into the new year too - so I am very hopeful that this year of new beginnings will bring me just that - some positive, prosperous NEW prospects and beginnings.

Peaceful beading,

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