Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summer prep

Lots of prep work going on this week - not just for my upcoming summer shows and fairs, but getting the flower AND veggie garden spaces ready.  We haven't been able to have a vegetable garden for several years - the spot we chose for it, in a big sunny spot in the back corner of our lot, in reality was much too close to the HUGE black walnut tree that graces the back of our lot as well.  Things never grew well, so we tried and tried and TRIED tomatoes in pots.  Most were lost to critters - wild and our own - our old golden girl, Kaya, LOVED green tomatoes!
Finally, this year, we decided that besides all the other green changes we are making, we'd attempt another garden space - only this time in a different spot, in a raised bed with fencing to keep out OUR critters at least.  Started the veggies - tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas, (and something else I think) from seed in our own home made greenhouse, and they are, for the most part (except for those silly peas) sprouting like crazy.  So now we've got to get their 'bed' ready, so to speak.  All this while also preparing my perennial path and patio space with canopy, arbor, and ALL my garden decor.  It's a several day job, and one that was going to take even longer this year because of my busy schedule, or so I thought.  I came home after working a long, hot, stuffy but profitable day at the bookstore, to find that hubby had planted all my new perennials, put up my canopy, and was busy scrubbing the patio furniture!  See what happens when you leave a man alone for a day!  And I thought he'd go fishing!  lol!
I'll have photos when we're done.  I never 'decorate' my garden the same way twice, so here's a little taste of what LAST years' garden space looked like.  I should have photos of THIS years by mid-week.

Looking forward to a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday full of beads.  YAY!
Peaceful beading, and WEEDING,  :0)

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