Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday's Bead Table

This is what MY bead table looks like today.  Not too bad - somedays it's much, much worse.  Unfortunately, on the DOWN side of starting Etsy listing again, it takes up my entire morning BEAD TABLE time.  I haven't been able to break away from this laptop since about 7:15 - and it's now 8:30!.  I could have gotten sooooo much beading done in that amount of time.   Listings, photos, postings, sharings - but it's all ME related, and ME's gotta pay the bills!  lol!  My Etsy listings have been posted for the day, so if you want to see what's new - just hit the link on the right.

The above photo is actually a preview of sorts for some of you.  I used it, along with photos of some of my newer pieces, to submit to be a FEATURED artist on the The Great Lakes Bead Guild's website.
It will probably be up on the site by the next issue of the newsletter, which will go out in July.  I haven't been able to participate in any classes or meetings in the last year and a half or so - gas prices and $$ needing to be spent on other things.  But I really miss the comaraderie of the group, and since my group in this area didn't really pan out, I need beady interaction.  Plus the exposure, too.  Even if most of the members are in Detroit.
Today's the day I meet with Sharon at OffRack (why does it seem like many of my opportunities come by way of someone named SHARON?)  and then it's off to Coyote for the afternoon.  I was able to find another (the last one they had) grid rack, and fill it with more beads.  Connie was quite happy with what I've done so far - YAY!   Taking some new jewels today, too.

Peaceful beading,

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