Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Catching that brass ring - Bead Table Wednesday

It's an old legend about good luck and fortune - catching the brass ring on a circus carousel.  Carousel horses were a favorite obsession of mine for a number of years, and I had (still have packed in boxes) a collection of over 100 of them.  Yep.  Over 100.  But some reason, the obsession waned, and I no longer collect them.  I do still believe in the beauty and the legend though, and so it seemed an easy transition to 'fix' the Laura Mears porcelain unicorn without his horn.  Of all the carpet in the room, the poor thing had to hit the chair leg on the way down.  It was a clean shear, and I think this will make for a much more meaningful creation.  Here are all the pieces and parts to start - minus the brass ring chain that will become part of the necklace.  Can't have that carousel without brass rings, now, can I?

This is my Bead Table Wednesday posting, and one that can only have a magical end result.  There has been a lot of magic happening around here this week - mainly in the garden.  Still prepping, and have more planting to do, but the faeries needed a garden of their own, so I made them this one:

And since the morning after I left it for them, I was rewarded with a hummingbird sighting - I think they just might like it.
Peaceful beading,

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