Thursday, July 16, 2009

New friends knowing old ones - or - The Gift of Pam

It truly can be a small world sometimes. I made a new friend yesterday - one that I believe has been brought to me by wonderful spirit energy, knowing that my love and yearning for daily contact with the new age world has been somewhat lacking lately....
Her name is Pam. She's our new candle vendor at The Schoolhouse. I've been watching her, along with her husband, as they created the space and completed the booth. I hadn't actually met her until she came to work her first 6 hour shift yesterday - and she came and introduced herself to me. Very easy going, very HAPPY (instant bonus) and nice person - within 5 minutes, we found a common thread that makes me truly trust in faith with the universe.....
she is also a lover of all things new age, and began to tell me about this wonderful store she'd been going to, and all the wonderful people - especially one in particular, that helped change her life. I was so joyful to be able to tell her that it just so happens to be the same place and people that did the same for me - Coyote Wisdom - the store where I worked, that I frequent, and where the heart of me lies.
It's also where Carole, and Connie, and Phyllis, and all the other great metaphysical souls have come to roost. We all came together through Mountain Books - the original new age store in town that everyone knew and loved. (Long story short - new owner, different artistic views, separation into a new and better place - Coyote.)
Carole is my great friend and mentor - and the person that also so greatly moved Pam. Of course she has. That's her thing! So now Pam and I have quickly bonded over our passion, and mutual love of metaphysics. There are NO COINCIDENCES, folks. Pam was my gift from
spirit - someone that, even though she's only there a few hours a month - will add the great spirit energies to the place with her presence, will also help keep me grounded in my Schoolhouse space - and is someone I can now call a friend.

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