Friday, July 24, 2009

i want an iPhone

I've never been much for all the new fangled gadgets - my laptop w/wifi has pretty much been the exception. I just forced myself to get a debit card, and only have 1 bill that is automatically deducted from our account. I am pretty much still 'old school' when it comes to every day tasks.
BUT - if I were to wish for just one fancy gadget - it would definitely be an iPhone (or maybe a Blackberry) with all the bells and whistles. As long as I didn't have to pay the monthly bill, of course!
It was another hairy scary hospital week in the Stephens family. My dad is still doing great, and in fact, his in home therapist is only coming one more day. YAY! However - my mother in law AND my brother in law were both hospitalized a day apart from each other (just briefly) for shortness of breath and chest pains. As an astrology minded person - and without their chart details - all I can say is that Pluto (yes, we still consider it a planet) and Saturn and the eclipse of the sun are kicking major butt! And Pluto is SUCH a slow mover - it's a generational energy. It affects a lot of people - forces them to make those tough choices and changes. Saturn is just plain ornery. I like to defer most of my astrological musings to my friends at the bookstore - and attempted to do so earlier this week, only to find out they're all off playing this week - hopefully somewhere that Pluto and Saturn can't find them! And as if the family health problems weren't enough - one of my knees was causing me problems for the entire week - only to miraculously crack itself back into place late yesterday. Just in time to walk blocks and sit in my not so comfy lawn chair to enjoy another night of Blues on the Square. And that's how I got on the subject of the iPhone-I really wish I had one so that I could just snap some photos of the band and crowd. Easy. Peasy. Unless you don't have one....alas. Maybe someday. When my beads can pay.....

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