Thursday, July 2, 2009

Photo-less blogging....

My blogs will be a little less colorful for the next few days - hopefully no longer than that. My husband had a particularly bad day yesterday, culminating with the SMASHING of the lens face of our Olympus digital camera. This was also not a particularly good time for adding a new camera to our budget - and in fact, the entire NEW camera purchase came from MY bead shop budget. I had hoped to attend GLW in a few weeks. But alas - since he needs the camera for his business, and didn't have the funds readily available - spend I did. We have purchased one with lots more bells and whistles, that I believe will take even better jewelry photos than our old one did. So since he has promised to pay me back at least a portion of the purchase, and I'll get better photos in the long run - I guess a bead sacrifice or two must be made. :0(
I sure hope today goes better for him - he may be getting the night off, making it a 4 day weekend - so THAT should cheer him up!
Can't wait to start using the new touchscreen camera - then you'll probably be sick of seeing all my photos!

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