Saturday, March 29, 2014

100 days of HAPPY

If you're a fanatical Facebook fan like I am, you may have seen the new concept being shared around called "100 days of happy".   Basically - you sign on through a website that monitors your progress - and then commit to posting a photo - either on FB, Twitter, or other social media site - for ONE HUNDRED days in a row.  I signed on on Wednesday.  So that will take me to JULY 2!   I have calendar pages printed out and sitting next to my laptop - and so far, so good.  I'm not sure why I committed to something so lengthy - I admit sometimes I'm not so good with follow through, but this just seemed FUN to me.  And since a post a photo of some type ALMOST everyday anyway - it seemed like an easy goal to achieve!  Combined with the abundance and prosperity and general good feeling teachings I'm studying right now (anybody familiar with Abraham?) it just seemed like a good fit.  I have even gotten several of my friends to join in - informally, and on their own, without the commitment to the website (if you achieve the goal, there is a congratulatory memo book at the end).  Either way -  I am just glad others are joining in!  I have promised not to post DOG photos everyday - but with a face like THIS - how will I ever be able to resist?

So if you think you want to join the fun - and commit to being HAPPY with photos everyday until JULY - (and I bet by then you'll be addicted to HAPPY!) here's the official site link:  #100HappyDays

Another part of life that makes me happy:  my beads, of course.  I've been playing with some new things, as well as relying on my true love - bead embroidery.  Here is a bit of what's transpired in the last week or so:

These bracelets are a whole new line geared toward the UpMarket recycled art event I'll be participating in later this year.  I am definitely not waiting until then to introduce them though - and in fact, have special orders to create TWO similar to the first photo right now!  They are called 'Enlightened Denim' - denim made better!.  I totally LOVE how they're turning out - but after making three in a row, I couldn't wait to get back to my passion:  the embroidery.  This piece is still unnamed - usually they've named themselves by now.  Hoping it will come as I progress with the strap portion....

Here's to another 96 days of happy BEADS, happy DOGS, happy SPRING - happy LIFE!

Peaceful HAPPY beading,

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