Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunny Sunday

For some reason, I keep finding Sunday to be 'blog day'.  It isn't really intentional - 
it just seems to work out that way.
Heard from ZNet's media director Hope yesterday; the next Glossi emag issue of Creative Spark will be out any DAY!  Can't wait for you to see it.  I've done a once through (ok, twice through) - and everyone's pieces are absolutely AWESOME!    I hope to have that link AND THE CONTEST ready for you by next post - which hopefully won't have to wait until NEXT SUNDAY!  I've been putting together some fun bead prize things, a few of them are some of the left over ZNetShows beads I received!  Excited to share them with you....
This week will be a busy one for me - SHOW PREP.  I still have one more tray of larger items to price and put away for safekeeping.  I've already been working on (aka OBSESSING! on) my table display.  Knowing that we're going to be hauling things IN THE SNOW (yep, it's still here) down a pretty long walkway from the parking lot to the door - I'm trying my best to consolidate and make things EASY.  ALAS - many of my display pieces this time around (and hopefully all summer) are quite large - the purple earring rack, the stacking peacock books, and a few new items too:

The cork board looks awesome;  it even has some matching pins to use.  I HOPE once it is holding the jewelry items, that it stands up the way I need it to.  I also found the matching riser in the front (it's actually a WALL shelf that can sit either short side up, or short side down).  I already HAD the scroll work piece  -  the color matches perfectly.  Almost like I did it on purpose!

This is one of my favorite table layouts - from last summers Meridian Art Market. 

I also really like how this one turned out;  the East Lansing Public Art Gallery show 2 years ago....

Wish me luck - this particular show hasn't been a big producer for me in the past, so I plan to do things a bit differently this time; I've got flyers and cards to hand out for upcoming shows, and also a project 'make and take' angel charm that the customers can help create themselves.  I have a few of them listed in the Etsy shop in case you're interested...

And speaking of the Etsy shop - you've still got one more week to use the Cool20 discount code at checkout for 20% off your purchase of beads and/or jewelry.  The coupon expires on Friday, the 21st  - which is also when the shop will be going on vacation for a few days.  Look for it to reopen again no later than April 1.

Be back soon with that Creative Spark link, contest prizes and more!  In the meantime....
Peaceful beading,

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