Monday, March 17, 2014

Creative Spark Spring 2014

Here's the link to the wonderful new issue of Creative Spark- ZNetShows Glossi EMAG!

There are SOOOO many great designs in here!  It is so fun to see what each of us did with essentially the same beads (some in different colors, but otherwise the same).  My feature begins somewhere in the middle - but take the time to check them ALL out.... I'm glad we don't have to judge or vote on them - cuz there's NO WAY I could decide!  This was a really, really fun endeavor, and I hope I'm chosen to do it again sometime.

Now - about that CONTEST I've been promising....
I am giving away YOUR CHOICE of a pair of my ZNet Challenge Earrings:

These are "Tulip Drops" - ZNetShows sea glass arches and coins, and ZNet faceted crystal.

OR - for you gals that are bead lovers, and prefer to create your own - A SOUP!  I'm a Facebook Bead Soup Cafe member, and although I chose to sit the actual challenge out this year, I am salivating at all the beautiful YUMMY soups that everyone is just now receiving from their partners!  It made me stop and look through my, shall we say, SUBSTANTIAL bead stash, and decide what I would have sent as a soup to MY partner if I had chosen to participate.  So GUESS WHAT!  SOUP!  
I've decided that it reminds me of SUMMER; of a day at the lake - or even the ocean!  So 

HERE IS THE CONTEST QUESTION:  Where is your favorite summer beach locale?

Answer in ONE of TWO ways (because I know Google is a pain sometimes):  You can either comment here on the blog, OR you can comment to the link I post on Facebook. One comment per person, though. You have until Monday, March 24th to enter/comment-that's just one week.  I will choose a winner (BE SURE TO LEAVE ME CONTACT INFO(name/email)) by midweek.  At that time - you can tell me which prize - the earrings, or the soup - you prefer!

Now go get yourself a beverage, clear your schedule - and head over to the most recent issue of Creative Spark!  It's absolutely GORGEOUS!
Thanks again, ZNetShows for including me!
Peaceful beading,

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