Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tucson Treasures...and a surprise!

Finally had a chance to catch up with the owner of Coyote Wisdom yesterday. She's been back from Tucson for almost a month, but between her hours and my illness and other commitments - it's been awhile since we've had a chance to talk. Not only did we talk, but she finally had time to offer me some of the great items she got in Tucson - she picked these out just for me! Naturally I loved them all!  Above, some beautiful Malachite, which, coincidentally, is exactly what my next project is being created with.  The two above will probably both get combined into the same glorious piece.  The creative wheels are already spinnin' up there!
These two below are simply agates.  But they are absolutely gorgeous, and there is nothing SIMPLE about them.  The blue one reminds me of a starry night sky, so you can bet that's the direction that one will take - probably sooner rather than later.  Not sure about the pink one yet.  But I loved it, so home it came.

Here is my current project, a big chunk of Malachite being caged and embellished for an embroidery piece.  The unique bone piece in the center is also something that Connie brought back from Tucson for me.  It will become a part of this embroidered piece as well.  COOL, huh?  Not sure what this will be yet - probably a pendant, but the strap has not been imagined as of yet....nor the name.

You may have read a few days ago about the piece I started during my not so fun evening on Monday. I wasn't even sure I wanted to finish it. I sat down and looked at it on Tuesday afternoon, and decided to just keep going - and see where it would take me.
THIS is where it went. THIS is 'Color Tour':

I decided to make it a brooch.  And I LOVE how it turned out. 
All in all, it's been a pretty creative week.  Today is my hubby's birthday, so I've also 'created'
Red Velvet double chocolate (white and dark) chip cupcakes with cream cheese frosting,  I 'created' pancakes and sausage for his birthday breakfast,  and I'm 'creating' one of his favorite casseroles for lunch - Chicken Noodle.  (sort of like Tuna - but better). He didn't want to take the day off work though - so the celebration - and the feasting - will only last until about 2.
Anyway.  Have a wonderful day.
Peaceful beading,
P.S.  I hope to have pre and post show display photos for you SOON!

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