Saturday, March 31, 2012

It wasn't me

Alas, another super huge lottery jackpot goes to someone else.   Ain't that always the way?  lol.  Seriously, I've never been a huge gambler.  I'd buy a scratch off occasionally, and the only time we even go to the casino (about an hour away) is when there is a concert in the showroom.  Last time we did though, on my 49th birthday - I won $250.00.   Doesn't make me want to head right back up there and try it again, though.  My husband is the lottery ticket buyer.  And he KEEPS every ticket stub.  Winner or not.  He says if he had a dollar for every stub he'd be rich again.  But he keeps trying....and it's not that I wouldn't love to have a little bit (ok, a lot bit) more cash to play with, but I don't put huge effort into it either.  I feel lucky in other ways.  I'm fairly healthy, nothing major - just the aches and pains of growing older, my husband is my BFF (and as HE claimed just the other day, I am HIS), my dogs are happy and loving, and my family all seem to be happy and fairly healthy too.  Although my parents are aging, they have no other health issues besides the eye sight and the hearing that comes along with being over 70, and in my Dad's case - over 80.  I am grateful that I have quality friends.  I don't have a huge QUANTITY of pals, and don't really have a girlfriend that I chat with, hang with, shop with, and tell my every secret to.  Not since high school really.  It's just me, my hubby, my dogs, and my beads.  Everything else - is just icing on the cake.  :0)
As far as bead project news - I'm afraid my mojo has taken a bit of a rest, or a vacation.  I'm sure it's just temporary, and with the prep for the big show coming up, it's probably just as well, so that I don't have to leave a big detailed piece in the middle. 
I hope to have some press release and marketing details soon from the director of the gallery where the event is taking place.  Can't believe I haven't heard from her yet, actually.  I sure hope she's got everything ready to hit the major papers this week.  I've been trying not to obsess about the fact that I haven't heard from her, after all, she's been doing this a long time, and knows what she's doing.  But if it were ME, I would have started advertising a WEEK ago.  AND let my vendors know I did it.  Patience, Sheryl, patience......
Peaceful beading,


flyingbeader said...

Well, since I was too lazy to go out & buy a lottery ticket, guess I'm not too disappointed. Heck I haven't won anything that you need luck with in forever...I did win a dishwasher back in 1990...does that count.
Me & you too. I have my husband as my BFF, my sisters who are up & down relationships & friend I've met online who I feel close to, but no one to actually shop or go to lunch with. Guess I'm happy there is the internet...
Oh...and like my dogs & beads! If you ever want to start getting addicted to beading dolls...let me know...I got wee stuffed ones waiting to get "discovered"

coolmoon said...

I have beaded a sock monkey. I think I sent you a photo. Maybe I should blog about him again soon. It was for a sock monkey obsessed friend for Christmas a couple years ago. It was a LOT of work, but she loves it, and isn't that what it's really all about?
Me and my BFF and my dogs are getting ready for a Saturday night pizza and scrabble night. If only the dogs could help their dad spell better....yay for me!