Monday, April 2, 2012

Not feelin' the love

The bead love, that is.  Somehow, seemingly overnight - my mojo seems to have gone on spring break with the rest of the world.  I'm sure it will be back - probably as soon as my fun box of goodies comes from FMG this week.  But until then - I may not be feeling so beady - or bloggy.  I'm also getting a little nervous about the show coming up on the 14th and 15th, for a couple of reasons.  One - I haven't heard hide nor hair from the director since she confirmed my corner table back in 2011.  Haven't seen any marketing, any announcements, any 'what's happenings' in the local papers; I emailed her this morning.  I hope to get confirmation, and hopefully a download or two of some marketing materials to share with MY peeps.  Two - in trying to assume that this thing is still on,  I'm just plain nervous about sales.  I try so hard not to be - just go with the flow, what ever will be, will be (isn't that a song?)  But this has the potential for drawing big crowds, and big money.  I'm afraid I'm going to be at a disadvantage by not being able to offer credit card sales.  But do people really expect to be able to use a credit card at a venue such as this?  So many unknowns, as there usually are in this case.  And then there's THREE:  I need to finalize some shows that I THINK I applied to, through someone else.  Haven't really known her very well for very long, so I'm again, assuming I can count on her to follow through. 
See?  WAAAAAY too many things to worry about on a Monday morning!
One thing I DON'T have to worry about this Monday morning - my local shop sales.  I've got checks coming from both Coyote AND Grand-dale!  I had great BEAD sales at Coyote this weekend, and I'm glad, because I would really like to keep the bead inventory going there a bit longer.  More changes coming to the space I rent there - since I'm in a 'window', it's time for the air conditioner.  So I've got to move some things, and make up for the loss of space somehow.  The hamster in my brain is also spinning the wheels about that one. 
And oh, yeah - I should hear today, maybe tomorrow, about whether or not my article was accepted to Bead Design Studio.  Cross fingers.  Wish on eyelashes.  Find a spotted ladybug. 

Peaceful beading,

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