Friday, April 27, 2012

Ups and downs

Today was the ending of a rather bittersweet week.  Yesterday, I pulled my jewelry out of the Gallery Shop at The Lansing Art Gallery after showing and selling things there (semi successfully) for about two years.  It was MY choice, which just so happened to coincide with another ending - the closing of The Grand-dale Shoppe, the quaint little gift and consignment shop in the heart of the village of Dimondale, just down the way.  I began renting a small space from them last July, and looking back on my sales reports, did rather well there.  Alas, they decided to actually RETIRE RETIRE.  They both had already retired from their respective day jobs a few years ago, and this was something fun to keep them busy.  Ultimately, their cabin on the lake, and their camper for the beach won out.  So I am down two sellings sites in one week.  I should probably feel a bit sad, and should probably even be a bit scared that I'm not.  I will still sell my things at Coyote Wisdom as long as the owner will let me, and I do have my Etsy site, which I hope, starting May 1, to make a daily update, in your face kind of thing.  Then again - having a summer of rest and relaxation, with a few shows to sustain me and pay for more beads in between, may suit me just fine.  More than a few shows actually - two in June, two in July, one in August, two in September, one in October and a three day show in mid-November here in my home, which will be a part of a township wide house to house holiday market that is open to the public.  The summer will also be spent making my house worthy of the traffic.....
I also want to give myself some extra special garden time this year.  I am already chomping at the bit to actually PLANT, and do have a few surprises to look forward to with every visit down the path.  This little guy popped up a day or two ago - a Black Magic Pansy.  Hope he survives tonights frost and tomorrows frigid SNOWY forecast.  Poor baby.   Terry took advantage of the warmth of the sun today and took the dogs to the park.  Bella needed a hosing down - but she sure does looooove to swim in that slimy pond.  I will be accompanying them one day soon, camera in tow - but it was still a bit chilly for me today.

And last but never least, the countdown is on for the arrival of my snowbird parents, an entire month early from Florida.  They'll be here NEXT WEEKEND.  They, getting on in age and ailments, will also probably take up a bit of extra time this summer.  I am glad to have time to provide.  You only have parents ONCE.  And I am lucky at this stage in my life to still have BOTH of mine. 

Have a beautiful weekend one and all.  Photos will come early in the week of changes made to my bookstore space.  I hope it works better for all....
Peaceful beading,

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