Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The light dawns (pre-dawns, actually....)

Not sure why it always happens at 4 in the morning, but I THINK I have a workable solution to my price tag problem at Coyote.  I have to run everything by the owner first, but I am hopeful that all will work.  I'm sure she'll be fine with the tags, and the bags even, but adding the rack - not sure how she'll feel.  And she'll want to actually SEE it in place, which means dragging it up there, and then hoping I can leave it.  Otherwise - back to the drawing board.  This is what I'm hoping to use as a replacement for the rods across the window:
The bags will be larger, though - more like 3x3 or 3x4.  Won't have as many either, but that's ok.  I can always restock.  The hardest and most time consuming part will be rebagging all the strands I so pain stakingly UNBAGGED over the course of the few years I had the shop.  ~sigh~.
The tags will be two part - I'll have to cut and hand-crease them (so that the bottom can be torn off), but I still think I can make it work.   It will look something like this:   

Cool Moon

Cool Moon       

I did some checking on line, and found several already 'perfed' tags - but much, much larger.  I want, and I'm sure Connie wants, something much smaller.  The empty space will have the name of the stone written in, and the crease will be just above the second Cool Moon. I HOPE. IN THEORY. That's how I see it in my head. I just have to have a sample and photos, as well as maybe even the rack itself ready by Thursday morning.
I also am making progress in finding the matching pieces to complete the custom pair of earrings.  I THOUGHT I had gotten them at JoAnn, but alas, realized they were a Prima Bead item.  And wouldn't you know, that is the ONE thing they're sold out of?  So I found something very close, and she said she wouldn't mind another color anyway, so crossing fingers.  Hope it works out. 
Off to Grand-dale again for one of my last few days.  Just a few hours.  Plenty of bead time before and after.  And my mojo is slowly sneaking back in.  I worked on a pretty antique-y looking piece at the Expo, and then yesterday picked up (at 50% off all strands) some cool chunky pink/clear/brown Fire Agate and accents of pearl, crystal and chunky peachy pink agate to match.  FUNKY!  FUN!  Can't wait to start that one.  Hello MOJO!
And thanks to Zeus, my babble is being cut short (you can thank him with dog treats).  He wants his breakfast.  NOW.  WOOF.

Peaceful beading,


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