Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hump Day Happiness

I'm FREE!  I'm FREE!  I have an entire whole, gloriously FREE day to do whatever I want.  And it's going to be a nice one.  So I'm thinking a whole lot of NOTHING.  Maybe some basking in the sun, probably a bit of beading (but who wants to stay indoors?), definitely some reading since my library book (yep - took a Nook book break) is due back tomorrow.  Which is when the madness starts all over again - tomorrow.  Library.  Art Gallery.  Book club.  Custom order delivery.  Pillow pick up.  Run, run, it's nice to have a day to breathe beforehand. 
I will probably post photos of the pillow when I have it done, but basically, I have a friend and her mom who collaborate on creating cute little throw pillows with embroidered quotes and messages, and I then add bead embroidery to it.  I've had one specially made for a wedding we having coming up, with the phrase "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" on it.  Something very unique that they definitely won't get doubles of!
I hesitated to do a pillow for this particular couple (my cousin and his bride), because I did a similar one (larger, different phrase) for his brother and his wife about 3 years ago.  But since I think I remember Z (short for Zakiah) saying she loved it - I'm thinking it will be a good gift.  ;0)
So I guess if I'm going to truly enjoy my day of FREEdom - I better go get the drudgery of dishes and countertops out of the way.
And by the way - probably no Bead Table Wednesday post today - table's bare at the moment!  Miracle!
Peaceful beading,

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