Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I finally had an earring making day!  AND - one of these little beauties is being submitted as a project to the bead mags!   I really wish I would have taken the photos yesterday, because, upon getting together with my little merry band of bead girls last night - one of them bought TWO PAIR!  I told her it would be easy enough to show HER how to make them (she IS a beader, after all), but she had too many projects and a special gift to buy - so she decided to just buy them from me.  OK!  One pair were orange, of which I'll be creating a second pair (something I rarely do), and a purple pair, that can't be duplicated because I don't have enough of the little accent beads I used.  So anyway - here they are "Floral Joy":

Aren't they cute? And so simple to make-let's just say you'll never look at bead CAPS the same way again! I wish I knew how to create the kind of file that can be downloaded for a tutorial and sell them on Etsy - but I'll just have to settle for local and kits, as well as the finished product for now.
Here are two more different types - I made SIX pair in all!

The reason for the need to create some new and different earrings is my good friend Sandy is coming today for an 'earring day'.  She loves earrings, in fact, it's the only accessory she wears.  She's not fond of bracelets, and only wears a special keepsake pendant from her late mother, but she does bling it up when it comes to earrings.  So we're doing a special Sandy show, and she may design a pair of her own as well.  Should be fun - and it was a good excuse to clear the clutter of mail and junk on the table again!  lol!
Off to whip out a couple more pair - and maybe give the vacuum a ride!
Peaceful beading,

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