Monday, March 26, 2012

Not a particularly beady Monday

The day didn't start out well bead wise, and sort of went down hill from there.  Projects not coming together, fumbling beads and snapping threads;  missing the customer who owes me $$ for some custom work, which, by the way, I SWORE I wouldn't do anymore - precisely for that reason.  Top it off with a peculiar, even stressful night at bead group - it just wasn't a very beady good day.  Bead group is supposed to be FUN.  I love most of these girls, hence the reason that I continue to grit my teeth and attend, although there are those that do and say things every time to annoy me.  I'm trying to 'rise above'.  I'm trying to stay quiet, stay focused, and stay near those that DO have similar likes and common interests.   TRYING.  Tonight basically just TRIED my patience.  Wore it thin.   And I'm ready to snap.  So I'm HOPING that the piece of apple pie I've got warming in the microwave, which will be topped with some creamy whip topping, will make everything right with the world again. 
So sorry there's no beady photos.  I DO have some new projects ready.  Like the pretty rose/golden shadow/gold color combo, or the one I started during group tonight -  pale greens, and bright popping orange.  Different.   And because of the stress I was feeling while I was there, I may have to take another look at it in the light of day.  It may not even end up being finished. 
Let's hope Tuesday goes much better.  A few hours of 'work' at the soon to closed shop in Dimondale, and then I have the rest of my day FREE.  Hopefully to bead, and bead successful.
Here's to peaceful beading,

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