Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trends are hot...and I'm not.

I just can't keep up with them all.  The wire - the wrapping, the knitting, the crocheting, the chainmaille, the polymer, the lampwork, the silver clay - and I know I'm not naming them all.   Is it really necessary to learn and KNOW how to do it all?  I have some friends that feel it is.   Me - I would rather concentrate on the things about beading that I DO know - and do them well.  I know practically ALL of the weaving techniques, and can teach them if I am asked.  The only 'stitch' to elude me so far is bead crochet.  And you know what?  I decided I'm fine with that.  I can make a strap for most of my fancy bead embroidered focal pieces using net, or herringbone, or spiral rope, and any of the other glorious patterns and techniques.  I'm not going to sweat it anymore.  I do what I do, and I LIKE what I do.  And because my imagination seems to be running amok lately - there seem to be no shortage of original, unique items to make from the things I DO know.  But just so that it LOOKS like I'm keeping up with them - I have been trying to 'work in' little touches of trendy-ness - like vintage items, or some steampunk.  But my tried and true is - and will be for the foreseeable future - seed beads and all that they imply.
How about you?  Are you feeling the itch to learn a new stitch or technique that's completely out of your box?  Or are you happily stuck in your rut? 
I'm stickin' with my rut for now - and my sales, at least at the bookstore shop, are happily showing for it.  Connie informed me today that I sold TWO more of my mid-priced necklaces - so I guess it's a good thing "Midnight Brew" will be taking center stage on the display tomorrow.
Peaceful beading, whatever your technique may be,

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