Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Midnight Brew

Although I pretty much saturated Facebook with this yesterday, I felt the need to feature it here too.  This piece came about by accident (of course, don't they all?).  I had been beading with a friend who was drawing out ideas for projects, and among them was a moon shaped/themed 'thing'.  Neither of us knew at the time exactly what that 'thing' might be.  I had originally thought a 3-D type piece, which is where the makings of the brooch I posted a few weeks ago came from.  Once I started that piece, they quickly became two, and the smaller one came together much quicker.  This one was simmering for awhile, though.  I made a few trips to my LBS' looking for just the right components, and I think that yellow toned bone face was my last one in stock.   So here it is ~ 'Midnight Brew'.  The only thing that would make it better that could still be added if I find one, is a coffee or tea CUP charm.  You would think with the popularity of coffee shops that one could be found.  NOT.   

I love the way the necklace portion turned out.  The right side is a netted 'rope' that is actually Bead Infinitum's Crystal Bangle.  The left side is simply three strands of seed beads.   Perfect.
Off to Coyote it will go, at least until the show in mid-April.
This was the piece that was originally supposed to be a part.  They could be companion pieces, however, IF the brooch hasn't sold yet.  I haven't been into the bookstore to check my space in about a week!  Dang gas prices, anyways!
So on to the next project.  It probably should be peacock themed - but I'm feeling drawn to a cute patchwork pastel and daisy piece that has already been named 'Daydream Believer', for obvious reasons.  A fitting tribute to the late Davy Jones, and to the carefree days of my youth.  I'm thinking embellished spiral, but haven't yet begun, so who knows where it will take me....
Another gorgeous day  - the official FIRST day of spring (looked at the wrong calendar page yesterday.  My bad).  Another day of close to 80 degree temps. 
Enough with the babble.  On with my day.  And for the independent web design/SEO peeps reading this blog - I am happy designing it and writing it myself, and am reaching the exact audience I want to reach with it.  So go away.
Peaceful beading,

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