Thursday, March 1, 2012

"The Call of the Wild"

Or at least I THINK that's the name.  It may decide else-wise as I continue on - but here's another peak at the progress being made.  The PROBLEM with designing on the fly, off the top of your head, and whenever the whim hits, is that you have to try to REMEMBER HOW you did something in case you need to duplicate it.  Example:

I had this idea in my head, and even drew it out on paper.  I wasn't even sure I could implement it.  BUT - implement I did, and quite quickly too.  Only problem being - I need FOUR of them.  So now I'm studying this piece like mad, (and yes, I'm writing it down this time) trying to remember how I did it.  It will be a part of the necklace base that holds this pendant, which is still not really finished - it will have some gorgeous opaque turquoise daggers along the fringe at the bottom:

So next time you see it, I'll include the fringe portion too.  I still have have two more cabs to surround, and 2 1/2 more link/feather pieces to complete - but all in all - it's coming together as I envisioned.  WILD!
I should probably take this time to make a sad announcement too - I'll soon be losing one of the shops  where I've been selling my things.  The Grand-dale Shoppe is closing it's doors.  It was a great little place - in a kinda bad location; a very small town where people gathered at the restaurants, and the post office, but rarely ventured out into town to do other things.  And since they are on the outskirts, with somewhat limited parking - well, unfortunately, it was probably inevitable.  And I kinda knew that going in.  Even though the building was for sale the whole time, they tried very hard to make a go, and bring events and excitement to Dimondale.  It was fun while it lasted, and I have new friends and new opportunities because of it.  Thanks Jim and Dawn, for allowing me to be a part of your little place for awhile.
And speaking of The Grand-dale Shoppe - that's where I'm off to today, and Coyote Wisdom too.  Making the rounds, visiting my peeps, havin' some fun on a somewhat sunny day.  At least it's not snowing!
Peaceful beading,

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