Monday, March 19, 2012


For the perfect privacy fencing solution.  Checked on this at Home Depot today:

Bamboo fencing.  Not a bad price, but still not quite what Hubby thinks will work.  We're also going to check on just using the slats that you weave in (not what I want, but may be more affordable), and I'm looking into getting a couple more of these shutter/planters to set up along the fence too:

Along with some tall sedge grasses, and I don't know what else - she's a small dog - so it doesn't have to be overly TALL - although I think it would look nicer to cover the entire chain link.  All I know is - I'm at my wits end with the barking.  Something WILL be done.  SOON.
Beautiful day, all.  Enjoy it however you can.

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