Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Etsy dreaming

I think I'm almost ready.  I have a few more questions that need to be answered - and then I will reopen my shop!  NO beads this time (boy, that was a pain), just woven, seriously beaded jewelry -that I'm hoping will get noticed by The Beadweaving Team, and liked from links to Facebook, and of course, Pinterest, and more importantly ~ BOUGHT this time!    Wish me luck, cuz I have TONS of competition.
I'm getting ready to do something else a little different that I'll need luck for too:  The magazine Bead Design Studio has asked their readers to write a story about how their tastes and budget fit with how and what they bead, for submission in a summer issue.  And, seeing how (if you can't tell by the eloquence of this blog!) I fancy myself a bit of a wordsmith - I decided to submit one. If my article is chosen, I will also win a one year subscription to the mag, which I love!  It'll be great exposure too, of course. I'll be submitting it once I get the Etsy shop open, since I reference it in the article.  Deadline is April 1 - so that means I'll busy for the rest of the month - photo taking, listing, writing, and BEADING.  PLUS putting in a few hours in all of the current Cool Moon sales venues like Coyote and Grand-dale, and probably even the art gallery. 
So next time you stop by - you may see the Etsy shop link on the right, taking the place of the Grand-dale link, since they're closing.  I will probably start taking a few pieces - and some display items - a little bit at a time each day that I work (4 this month, and 4 the next).  I know the rule is no booth stripping - but what are they going to do - ask me to leave?  It will just be easier than doing it all at once, and at the same time completing my Art Gallery show inventory for April.
That'll do it for today - probably no Bead Table Wednesay submission today - unless I have time later!
Peaceful beading,

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