Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Winner winner chicken dinner!

The year is starting out with a bang for me again as far as contests go.  I entered - and am ONE of the winners of Indigo Turtles cabochon giveaway!  I linked you to their Facebook page - where you'll find all the info about them you need, as well as a link to their Etsy shop.  These are really cool porcelain cabochons and focal pieces; can't wait to get mine and start playing with it.  It will give me a good excuse to finally STOP the madness that ended up being my Fire Mountain entry.  There's one good thing about these contest entries - you don't have to commit until ALL is said and done.  Even after TWO separate orders to make sure I was meeting the criteria for the contest, one complete design idea change, and countless hours already spent beading, beading, BEADING - I don't think I like it well enough to submit it for a contest.  Not even sure I will finish it in it's current form.   Maybe next year....

So what's next?  Besides the Indigo Turtle piece?   Probably more denim.  It's been a piece or two since I played, and I really could use some more earrings.  Still working with those in denim form-should they be long and fringe-y?  Short and stiff?  Belt loop size?  Half a belt loop size?

As you can see, I've actually created ALL of them in some form of denim design or another - but I've only sold 1 or 2 pair.  Still need to come up with that ONE unique idea for those too....

Hope you're finding time to bead and play during what seems to be a snowy season  for most of the nation.
Bella's making doggie snow angels!  
If you're in the south - I envy.  If you're anywhere else - I feel your pain.   But from what I HEAR - Spring is coming soon.   So let me leave you with a springtime teaser.... The first bloom of my favorite garden flower - the Bleeding Heart.

Peaceful beading,

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