Sunday, February 22, 2015

Creating a spark

I just posted the link to the winter issue of ZNetShows  Creative Spark emag.  It's NOW located over on the right hand side - look for the beautiful cover photo of the piece by fellow ZNet designer Amy Severino.  I didn't participate as a designer this time, but it is still a BEAUTIFUL issue that does indeed create a spark.  ENJOY!   I DO plan to participate in the next issue's challenge - ZNet is so generous with their offerings for designers - and have a great inventory of fun sea glass and other beads for everyone to purchase as well.  I hope you'll head over and check them out... (just click the link above).

As I probably mentioned in a previous post or two (ha-ha) I've reached that point in my beading 'career' that I am all about entering contests.  My first was Fire Mountain Gems Seed Bead Contest in 2013 - for which I was chosen a finalist.  As a FIRST TIME entrant, it blew me away that I was one of the honorees.   They just emailed me again this week and requested that enter for 2015!  As I had already planned to enter Bead Dreams (not going so well) and possibly Battle of the Beadsmith (not sure I can be that fast on my design feet), I decided to go for it.  So in the works at this time, along with gallery inventory, show year inventory, class preparation, and monthly play date prep - is my FMG entry too.  If I'm gonna do this bead thing, I may as well do it BIG!  LOL!  If you haven't already seen my 2013 entry (again - ha-ha) it's over there on the right hand side too.

Hope you're having a fun filled winter, all warm and cozy with brews of whatever you choose, blankets and cozy socks to keep you warm, and of course - BEADS.

Peaceful beading,

And P.S.  let me know what you think of my NEW BLOG LOOK.  I only intended to change the text font, and well - got a little crazy.  But I kinda like it.

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