Friday, March 15, 2013

A peek at Mariposa

YAY!   Fire Mountain says I can share my progress photos!  I am so happy with how this piece is turning out – and it just keeps getting better.  Every day when I sit in front of her (definite female energy) I picture a new design element in my head – sometimes beaded beads, sometimes another embroidered component – I cannot wait to see the finished piece – but will be a little sad when she’s done at the same time.  I’m enjoying this one – and hope that Fire Mountain at least considers her for a finalist.  Here is the focal portion, as it is today:

Mariposa Focal.jpg

My first instinct was to go with the name Metamorphosis – but I came across Mariposa today – and think it fits much better.  There is still so much more to do on this piece-  the deadline – the very last day I can enter – is not until MAY 31 – PLENTY of time!  And in the meantime – I also have yet another gallery entry application ready to send!  The Shiawassee Art Center (see link at left) has invited me to be a part of their Member Art Exhibit/Sale that runs from April to June – ONE piece per member – and there is PRIZE MONEY involved with that one, as well.  I sat down to fill out the paperwork, and write the check – only to discover they wanted to know the exact piece being entered RIGHT NOW.  Hm.  I actually had to think about that overnight.  Many of the pieces that would be worthy are already there (deeming them ineligible for this particular show) or at another gallery.  Hmm.  BUT WAIT!   I KNOW!  TADA!

Stars of the Sea

Last year’s Blog Challenge piece, with soup provided by Sally Bohner Anderson, will be the entry.  Just in time for summer….
So between those events, the school district enrichment classes, the SmittenDust class, and the April show that cropped up, and oh, yeah – a trip to Bead Bonanza on Sunday (yeah, I’ll TRY not buy it all) I’mma gonna be busy!
Peaceful, beautiful beading,

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