Monday, March 11, 2013

Luck of the Irish?

Not sure to whom I owe the credit for the GREAT luck I’m having lately.   I’m a little afraid to shout about it actually – don’t wanna jinx it!

Several Etsy sales, a large art jewelry piece sale (ok, a layaway – but I KNOW she’s seriously gonna get it), yesses from galleries, yesses from inquiries-and the opportunity to do another show –to make up for the one that got cancelled.


So feelin’ pretty confident – and for those of you that “do Abraham” – totally in the vortex, and living with a full and positive grid.   YAY!  
Tonight, I show all the lovely ladies in my Monday night bead group these cute little earrings:
Bella Kisses Earrings.jpg

They ARE an original design – made up of several different techniques that I’ve learned from other teachers and mentors along the way.  Should be fun!   I made up little kits in a bunch of different colors –can’t wait to see which ones they choose…

I’ve also gotten quite far with my Fire Mountain Gems seed bead contest piece. I don’t think I’m supposed to reveal any teasers, so just gonna have to take my word for it when I say it’s ‘flyin’ along nicely’.   Another one of those cases where there wasn’t really a set design – just a color scheme and specific focal pieces- it’s just kind of flowing on it’s own.   Most of my favorite pieces have come about this way….can’t wait to be able to show you.  It’s quite divine….
Here’s that piece I just laid away for a friend:


She’s been wanting this piece since I had it on display at the bookstore in the fall of last year.  Finally – manifestation for both of us!
Hope you’re living your beady dreams- I know I am!
And don’t forget about Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Blog Challenge – first reveal is coming up in a couple weeks, and the second reveal (the one I’m in) is the first weekend in April.  Be sure you hop by and check out all the yummy soup pieces!
Peaceful beading,

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