Monday, March 4, 2013

I’m Smitten

Forgive me FB friends and followers if I sound like a broken record, but I just have to shout out again about ANOTHER great opportunity that came to me this weekend.  I was invited by a knitting friend to accompany her to something called ‘Craft 911’ – in that little town called Dimondale where I used to sell things at the now closed Grand-dale Shoppe.  I was surprised to see that something having to do with crafts and art was happening in that town, because let me tell ya – after being at Grand-dale for almost a year – I thought NOTHING seemed to happen there.  It’s a little 4 corner blink and you miss it place, but it’s pretty, with a beautiful park and bike trails, and cute little stores IF they could keep people there to shop – everyone seems to head for the big boxes a few miles away.  So I went – apprehensive, wasn’t sure about something so exciting in a town that decidedly hasn’t been in the past. BUT WOW!  I guess it just takes the right person with the right contacts and marketing know how, cuz SmittenDust Studio is AWESOME!  The group of ladies that are the initial operators are into ‘salvage art’, ‘altered art’ – and all sorts of art pursuits.  Our group yesterday consisted of a knitter, a couple scrapbook/journalers, a sewer (she even brought her sewing machine!), and a couple others that were into anything and everything.  We shared food, fun, ideas, and information.  I will be teaching a cool class there later in the year – probably in June.  It will be based on this piece:002

The class will consist of teaching the peyote tubes, and also how to wrap them around vintage skeleton keys, and then adding some charms to it.  Funky.  Vintage.  Coolness.  So excited.
I also have my meeting with the premier number one gallery in town – even more premier than Lansing Art Gallery I think – The Absolute Gallery.  I’ve been trying to talk to someone there about showing my work for YEARS!   I’m also staying on at Shiawassee Art Center for 3 more months, with brand new pieces to showcase.  Hope I’m not spreading myself too thin!
Wouldn’t want to need a reason to bead more stuff!  LOL!
So if you get a chance to hit the link for SmittenDust – (it’s her blog – but it’s full of photos and info) – you’ll see what it’s all about.  She even took a half way decent photo of MOI.  Wonders never cease.  Smile 
Peaceful beading,

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Marcia DeCoster said...

Love this piece so organic and such soft colors, nice!