Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Zeus has a pretty good handle on what the day has been like around here:


An absolutely lazy, do nothing, non productive TAKE A NAP kind of day. The only strenuous activity was recording our tax refund in the DEPOSIT column of the checkbook, accompanying my husband to the credit union, thus moving a small amount of said deposit to the DEBIT column, and doing the dishes.  Otherwise, it’s been nothing but puzzles (although crosswords keep me sharp so I don’t apologize for those), mindless games, and a NAP. WITH A DOG.
But I think everyone deserves a day like that once in awhile.  My day yesterday was a full one, with several errands (Including mailing yet another Etsy sale – my 4th in a WEEK), and dropping off 10 pieces to another gallery – The Absolute Gallery in Old Town.  It’s one of the areas most well known-and I’m excited to see how well I do there.   THESE are the pieces that I left with the gallery owner – for a 3 month stay to start. 

Absolute Collage.jpg

My 3 month stay at Shiawassee has now turned into NINE – this will be my third 3 month stint there too.  Smile Even though I have not sold anything there – YET – there must be some good responses, or they wouldn’t be keeping me on.  It’s just a matter of time before something sells.   Especially when I take them ALL NEW ITEMS.  
I broke down and ordered my FMG seed bead contest beads today, too.
So that’s just another reason to spend a lazy snoozy day – between gallery stocking, elaborate design creating, and class instructions and kits to create up the whazoo-   I’m gonna be BUSY!   In a good way!  YAY!
Peaceful, joyful beading,

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