Friday, March 1, 2013

Stick a feather in that big fat cap

My meeting with the Adult Enrichment class director yesterday was a great one.  They’re basically hungering for something different than dance and computer classes – so I can pretty much write my own ticket –


(Photo courtesty of Google Images)

I get to decide what, when, where, who and for how much.  But boy – now that I have a deadline (TWO if you count the FMG contest) and realize I have to write instructions, and make up samples, and kits – OMG-busy.  But it’s busy doing what I LOVE. And that is the best part of the whole thing.   So exciting that it’s going to happen!  I absolutely LOVE to teach beading, especially seed beading – and getting paid to do it too – well.  Golden ticket with sprinkles on top…..
So no more dilly dallyin’ on the blog!  I’ve got class prep to do!  And a contest piece to start – and a BLOG PARTY to finish pieces for, and two art galleries and a boutique to stock!
Peaceful beading,

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Pat Haight said...

This is so awesome Sheryl! So excited for you!