Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ring toss–or should I say hat

FIRST - just want to let all of you faithful readers and sometime commenters know that when you DO comment, the comment goes to my business email, which I will answer-so that you know I know you sent it.  (say that 3 times fast). This is also how I am keeping the countless spam posts away.   BUT - I’m afraid for the immediate future, your posts won’t show up on the blog.  I hate to do it that way – and I will try and figure out a way to change it BEFORE the challenge reveal so that everyone’s comments can be posted.  Oh, Google, how you frustrate me.

Wonka Top Hat gwenbeads35
NOW - if you’re a Facebook fan – you may have seen the vague post about ‘throwing my hat in the ring’.  Here’s the spoiler for that one – I’m thinking of entering the FMG Seed Bead Jewelry contest.  I have a cab piece all laid out, and have the seed beads and accents all ready to order – just gotta manifest that cash.  I will have plenty of time to work on it before the deadline – which isn’t until the end of May.  I realized as I was filling out the order from FM, that the cab pieces I have laid out ALSO came from them awhile back – so it truly will be a FMG jewelry piece.  BUT – haven’t ordered the beads yet – and still have to find out the details of my meeting at the High School tomorrow.  So my plan for the hat could change….

(I just noticed that the photo – supplied by Google Images – came from GwenBeads blog  – pretty cool!  Thanks, GwenBeads!)

Hope your warm and cozy with beads – where ever you are.

Peaceful beading,

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