Tuesday, February 26, 2013

THIS is why I do this

happy dance

HA!  And at the same time that I’m writing my previous post, one of those opportunities I spoke of contacted me, and something just may have worked out!  Talk about classic mercury retrograde:  they attempted to contact me, as well as other inquirers, a month ago and didn’t hear back from ANY OF US!  So now, during mercury retrograde – I contact them again – and we finally schedule a meeting.  Email glitch.  Such a perfect example.
So wish me luck.  I’m not telling anyone else (except my mother!) what it’s all about until it’s said and done.  But if it happens as I hope – it will keep me busy, busy, busy – and make me $$, $$, $$!

Peaceful beading,



DodieH said...

Do you sell your faces that you bead around? If you do contact me on FB and send me prices.

Bobbie said...

Woohoo and congratulations! Hope it turns out even better than you imagine!