Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hoppin’ along

These blog hops are so much fun!

I WISH I could share my soup pieces with you now!  I’m a part of the second reveal, which is a whole month away!


So it’s still a secret.  I WILL say that I’ve completed TWO pieces so far.  Not going to say what type – earrings?  Could be.  A bracelet?  Hmmm. Maybe.  TWO bracelets?  A necklace?  You are just going to have to wait. Wait. WAIT.  I will also add that I’m not done!  I still have several soup ingredients yet to cook with!  Wheee!
And speaking of cooking….I’ve also been on the hunt for some new recipes lately.  I do like to cook, and of course, EAT – and I do enjoy my husbands praise when I create something yummy for us too.  Lately though – the recipes have been dull, bland and downright duds.  I don’t know why I thought some of those recipes sounded good when I clipped them – but lets just say my recipe file is getting a little lighter with each attempt.  In fact – this week – it’s back to tried and true comfort foods that I KNOW how to make – spaghetti, meatloaf, tacos, tortilla soup, steak – all with venison, of course.  So if you’ve got a good recipe that doesn’t feed an army (we are an army of two), something that doesn’t take umpteen ingredients (trying to save at the check out), and is yummy to the tummy – share please.  Doesn’t have to be venison based – I can vary the recipe to include it if I need to.  But just looking for quick casserole, bake-able, EDIBLE meals.  Smile 
So that’s it for today.  Cookin’ up beads and food.  YUMMY!
Peaceful beading,

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