Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stormy “C”’s

Challenge.  (In more ways than one.)  Coupons. Cabs. and COLD.  Not necessarily in that order.  It’s cold outside.  And white.  And blah.  Like my mood.  I apologize for not blogging for almost an entire WEEK – in my defense – I blame Google.  They’ve changed things now so that I can’t just keep my Blogger account AND my separate business Email accounts logged in and open every day all day – so it’s a bit more complicated to upload to the blog on a whim anymore.  And that’s pretty much how I was rolling….feel like blogging?   Up it went.  Load a photo?  Here you go.  Share and forward by email some info about upcoming shows to a friend – you’re welcome.  Phfffft.
So much for easy peasy.  So anyway – here I am – I guess I better make it worth your while!  After I blogged about my cool stash from Pat Haight of The Wigglebutt blog for our Bead Soup Blog Challenge – SHE SENT ME MORE!  These were ‘just becauses’ – things she was going to send, changed her mind, then changed her mind again….


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the owls – and those are planned for at least two of my challenge pieces (yup – there are multiple).  The dragonfly is also going into one of them.  Not sure about the others yet.  I’m thinking my friend with the beeswax and honey business is gonna FREAK when she sees the bee one.  So that one may have Malinda’s name all over it. 
I am actually quite grateful to Lori and her Bead Soup Blog Challenge right now.  Since every other thing that I had in the works for the winter months has fizzled out on me – I have nothing to bead for.  No shops to sell in (other than the gallery-my time is up end of March-but they don’t want new items).  No March show as planned.  MAYBE not even an April show as planned – we haven’t heard from the organizer.  No custom requests of late, and no time to gather friends for a sale (their schedules are hairy-not mine). I’ve had one huge sale from ETSY this month.  Yip. EE.  All in all – I’m afraid if I didn’t have this challenge to fall back on, to look forward to, to give me a reason to be at the bead table – well – not sure I would find the energy to continue the bead thing.  As it is I’m spending a LOT of my down time contemplating the common sense in continuing to try to sell what I consider to be art gallery quality work in a community that is more suited to flea markets.  It ain’t workin’.
But I’m trying to stay positive – and stay true to my heart’s desire:



Someone asked me not long ago why I continued to bead, given the current state of the economy in the area – and that was the honest answer I gave her.  That I was beginning to question the sanity of.  Then this showed up on Facebook recently – and I realized that it’s what KEEPS ME SANE.  Even if nobody cares.
Now about those other C’s:  Cabs, of course – being used quite heavily in my current challenge piece.  It will definitely be arty.  And fun.  And hopefully wanted by someone.  If not – I will wear it with pride, as I do many of my pieces from time to time – for sale or not.
The final C – COUPONS.  In an attempt to TRY to save money on groceries, my husband has me checking local store circulars, sale ads, and online store sites for SAVINGS.   It changes the way I create my list, and the TIME it takes me to do it.  But again – since I’ve nothing but the challenge to bead for at the moment – it seems I have nothing BUT time. 
I hope YOU have time for some peaceful beading,

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