Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mojo? Is that you?

I THINK it’s slowly returning.  It was on vacation for a bit – but having to sit down and choose bead soup for the Bead Soup Blog Challenge may have called it back earlier than expected.  After I chose my soup – for my partner Pat Haight of The Wigglebutt Blog, I decided to look through all the UFO trays and boxes – if for nothing else – just to run my hands through the beads.  But then one of them spoke up – and said BEAD ME.  So this is what has taken a few days to transpire:


“Bright”.  It’s a brooch.  That isn’t finished.  It took forever to get that button to sit squarely and tightly in the donut hole, and I’m still struggling with the even number of fringes along the bottom. Then I realized I should have SEWN the pinback to the backing BEFORE I glued the donut in place. Ack. But all in all – I think it’s a keeper.  Putting on the backing – and choosing the edging stitch – is where I’m once again stuck.  I’m hoping an afternoon of bookstore browsing and a Panera Bread dinner will leave me refreshed and ready to decide.  And then hopefully, maybe – wishful thinkingly – that mojo will have returned for good – because by then – my soup will have arrived from Pat!  All the way from Alaska! Awesome sauce indeed!
Peaceful beading,


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