Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spam is not just a meat like substance

It’s a pain in the patootey is what it is.  There’s been lots of talk, and a huge long thread on Facebook’s Bead Soup Café about turning off our comment “Captcha” – the series of numbers and letters that identify the commenter as a real person.  These numbers are hard to read, making commenting on blogs, especially during the Bead Soup Blog Party – an impossiblity for some.  I broke down and turned mine off last fall.  WOW.  Not sure how the spammers out there find out who does and who doesn’t have that safety feature- but I just DELETED over 1,000 anonymous drug ads from my blog comments.  Unreal.  And who pays attention to those, anyway?  Anybody?  Someone (if it’s an actual person and not a computer) –must get paid by the post.   I know Lori plans to expand on this subject on her blog soon – so I won’t bore you any longer. Just make sure that if you turn OFF your Captcha – you turn ON your moderation.  Unfortunately – that means all those emails are gonna go to your inbox.  ~sigh~

And now on to the important part of the blog – the new piece reveal!  I’ve been working on this piece – that was tentatively named “Easter Morning” just since yesterday.  I could probably consider myself a ‘speedy beady’ – but Dot Lewallen holds that distinction.  But when I am home, with nothing on my calendar (another ~sigh~) – I mostly bead.  And today I needed the calming, cathartic rhythm of beading – so I beaded a lot.  Word of another heart attack for my dad – and not being able to be in Florida with him, or my Mom – left me feeling a bit anxious, worried, fretful – and downright stressed.  So the only good way I know to keep my mind off my troubles – and calm the hell down – is with BEADS.  So here is the finished product – final name – OSTARA (another word for the Spring Equinox)

Ostara.jpgNote the use of that Pantone color of the year – Emerald green!  In the form of Bloodstone, some dyed agate, and lots of seed beads.  Rose quartz, Kyanite, Swarovski crystal, czech glass – a hodge podge of beads that came together perfectly.  I’ve had those two hole Rose Quartz beads since RingsNThings was here over a year ago.  You just never know when the perfect project is gonna come along – that’s why I have such a huge INVENTORY of beads.  THAT’s the nice way of explaining my HOARD!  LOL!
Peaceful SPAM FREE beading,

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