Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Have you camouflaged your cab today?


Easter Morning 1.jpg

I have. 

This one is tentatively named “Easter Morning”.  Don’t ask me why - that’s just what the voice in my head said – so I’m going with it.  For now.  The photo above is what I started on just this afternoon. 

Easter Morning2.jpg

Then a few hours later – this is where it is.  Notice that the beautiful Bloodstone cab above now has a ‘stripe’ of beads across one side.  It blends in with the stripe on the agate piece below – but wasn’t in my original plan, believe me.  THIS is what one must resort to after one DROPS the piece face DOWN on the wooden desk top.  CRACK.  CRY.  SWEAR.  And then debate on wasting an afternoon’s worth of creative energy – or go with it; camouflage.

I camouflaged.

This is going to be a full necklace piece, with a double strand rose quartz and kyanite strap, and probably a handmade toggle of either peyote or RAW.  A statement piece.   So I want it to look as perfect as I can.  Crack?  What crack?
Open-mouthed smile

Peaceful beading,


Pat Haight said...

Nice save! I love it so far☺

Kokopelli said...

Oh no, I hate when such tings happen. But I really like the way you delat with it and that strip of beads is a good solution. Adds interest. I did that once, too, but it was for keeping an irregular Abalone piece from falling out the bezel.