Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blog News

Things are just not going all that well for me this summer - between personal home issues, family issues, and business issues - I'm a little overwhelmed right now.
So something - namely my blog - has got to give.   There may be a posting every once in awhile - and I guess I can't be a Rings & Things blog partner if I can't afford to buy from Rings & Things.  Besides that, the "Poor Beaders Club" blog event I tried to plan didn't really garner much interest at all.  So all in all, my email, my Facebook and my physical bead shop are enough for me to handle at the moment.  I realize that this is a total turn around for someone that planned at the beginning of the year to blog 365 - but life happens....
I'm sorry if anyone is disappointed.  I will try to blog if and when I have HAPPY, important news to report.
But between the hot flashes and the housing issues - it may be few and far between.
So TaTa for what may end up being a long, long while....thanks to those of you who have read my blog.  I hope I'm not gone forever.....
Cool Moon


Unknown said...

Sorry to see you go, I'm keeping you on my reader so I'll be sure & catch anything you do post. I'm not going to try to be a blog "partner" w/ R&T, it went from sending goodies( to the well-known/followed) to be made into pieces & blogged about to buy stuff, write about it, maybe you'll get a prize. Hope things come together for you, Jayne

Dave Robertson said...

Hi Sheryl,

Hope things start going better for you -- no worries about the blog of course! I know about being busy (4 little kids, grad school, fulltime job...)

I did want to jump in and reply to what sounds like a misperception: Boot ~C (and maybe you) make it sound like a person has to buy Rings & Things stuff to review in order to be a Blog Partner. Whoa! The opposite is true.

Blog Partners are all in a drawing every month, to receive our "goodie pack" & do whatever they want with it.

Hope that clarifies things -- and by the way, we'd be delighted to welcome Boot ~C as a Blog Partner too :)

at Rings & Things

coolmoon said...

I don't know if you'll come back to this page, Dave, or even how soon I'll check it again - but you may want to clarify for your fellow bloggers and buyers again how the 'blog partner' thing works. Boot-C and I are not the only ones with the misconception that you have to buy to be a partner. I know I've seen other comments regarding that topic (possibly on Facebook). Thanks for the info, though....I'll be crossing my fingers, and I WILL blog if I'm chosen for the goodies!

Dave Robertson said...

I'm glad to find this out, Sheryl! Hadn't heard of this misconception before. I admit I've been working hard just to keep up with the huge (yay!) response to the program... Anyway, thanks to you, I've added the words "NO PURCHASE NECESSARY" to the Blog Partners page at our site.

If you hear anyone else wondering about this, would you do me a favor? Either send them my way, or tell 'em I said "NO PURCHASE NECESSARY"!!

:) Dave
at Rings & Things

Robbie said...

We hope you aren't gone 'forever' as well! Take care of what you need..we'll still be here when you get 'back'!

Dave Robertson said...

Hi, I'm back again -- this time to say congratulations, you're one of our August "Blog Partner" goodie pack winners! Could you let me know your postal address, and I'll get the loot sent right to you? (Email me, or directly message me in Twitter or Facebook.)


:) Dave
at Rings & Things