Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blog Partner blogging

I apologize to Rings and Things for not having the blog partner logo on THIS post.  It will appear as soon as I can access my own computer, and not have to use someone else's.  Dang virus.'s been awhile since I blogged, but I promised (and it's part of the deal!) that I would blog if I won the Rings and Things blog partner goodies.  And I did.  So I am.
It's fun getting goodies in the mail.  Not only did the package contain pieces and parts for STEAMPUNK, but other fun things as well-like a ruler, and bead sizing info.  Always helpful.  The steampunk parts were all nicely packaged and marked - I received golds, silvers, coppers and gunmetals. 
Now here's the tricky part - STEAMPUNK is NOT my forte'.  I haven't been a fan, didn't want to be a fan, but thanks to Rings N Things, I'll now be creating something punky.  I'm thinking bracelet.  It's GOING to have seed beads worked in somehow, cuz I rarely work without them, and may end up not only punky, but also chunky AND funky. 
I plan to post again, with photos of the pieces received, the piece in progress, and of course, the final result.
I also plan to attend the Rings N Things touring bead show in Grand Rapids, Michigan this weekend.  And if I see any more steampunky funky components that are worthy, I may have to have them to add to my piece.
Stay tuned....get geared up, and watch this space (add any other components type puns you can think of here).....
ta ta for now....

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Dave Robertson said...

Hi there! I'm glad your goodies arrived safely, and it'll be fun to see what you "wind up" (steampunk pun) doing with them :)

See you at the bead show!

at Rings & Things