Saturday, January 22, 2011

Better blogging

I know I should be blogging more often.  In fact, I love to blog.  But it seems that the wonderful thing called TIME has just gotten away from me AGAIN this week.  I have sooooooo many things to do - moving out of the antique shop, photos of Etsy listings, descriptions of Etsy listings, ETSY LISTINGS, website listings, a UFO that is thisclose to be finished on the work table, an Art Gallery to visit to check inventory - and it just goes on and on.  So I am really looking forward to February - no shop, no classes, no OBLIGATIONS - other than the ones I just mentioned, of course.  I just hope I'm up to the real task of February - preparing for my new adventure in beading that is coming in March - adding my beads to the inventory at the bookstore.  Coyote Wisdom is a wonderful place, one that I'm sure I've probably blogged about before.  It's a new age bookstore - with healers, and readers, and people that just have a much different perspective on life than many out there in the day to day world.  It is very uplifting to be in the presence of  POSITIVE people almost every day, let me tell ya.  Very little negative thought, always a supportive hug, cheers, and HAPPINESS everywhere.  What could be a better atmosphere for a little bead shop?  And I do mean little.  Just starting out with a few standing racks and a little round table - but the positive affirmation and abundance thought is BIGGER and BETTER.  All in good time - and good company.  Can't wait to be there...I know that I will draw a whole new customer base with the semi precious BEAD option (now they can wear jewelry with their needed energies, not just tote them in their pocket), and I hope some of my current ones will find themselves at home there too.  Great things to come....including better blogging.  I promise.

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Crazy Mama said...

you have been one busy lil girl. the new shop sounds like so much fun. i have a metaphysical bookstore here in town that sounds a lot like you are describing and i've often wished i could get some things in there. i'll have to live vicariously through you. keep us updated on how it goes! (with pics, of course!)