Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Magic Rainbow

It's sort of fitting that I just finished this unique rainbow necklace, because we had a rather unique phenomenon happen here in town on that same day - something called a "circumzenithal arc" appeared over our city - it's basically an upside down rainbow.  I wish I had seen it myself, and had been able to photograph it.  I'm not able to put the photo from paper in my blog (without jumping through hoops and paying for it's use), but if you want to see it yourself you can go to
or just Google Circumzenithal Arc for more info on them.  Very rare.  Very COOL!
Anyway, above is "The Magic Rainbow".  As usual - big, bright and chunky!  I've had that big, huge toggle for awhile, just waiting for the right project.  The other pieces and parts were from an older piece that are now repurposed into MAGIC.  MAGIC because the section on the left with the big, chunky white squares is removeable, and is actually a bracelet, with the necklace then becoming shorter.  Voila!  MAGIC!  I'm pretty happy with the result of this one.  Who knows where my head gets it's ideas...I just run with them!
ENJOY everyone, and bead happy!

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