Sunday, January 16, 2011

One of those nonbead posts....

I dreamed of dancing earlier.  But since I wasn't actually DOING the dancing, but rather watching from the sidelines, I'm still trying to interpret it's meaning.
Dreaming of dancing generally means you are ready to change your 'dance', or your life, looking forward to a new phase, and embracing the future.  For me - ALL OF THE ABOVE.  But since I wasn't the actual dancer - does it mean I am just going to be a simple observer of life passing by, or am I really, really FINALLY going to participate in the life that I want? 
Closing my little store hasn't been easy for me.  I'm feeling overwhelmed with thought, a little regret, and A LOT of heartache.  A LOT of wondering about what lies ahead.  Since I love designing, working with, and heck, just PLAYING with my beads, I definitely don't want to give that part up.  But how much jewelry can one girl own?  Competing for sales with ALL (and I do mean ALL) of the other local area designers is a daunting task, even for someone like me that's been in the 'biz' for almost 20 years.  Our area is overwhelmed with wannabe jewelry entrepeneurs and underwhelmed with people with the CASH to truly appreciate us.
So I've posted links, made comments, joined Facebook, created a website, sold a few things on Etsy, and have done as best I could to be a part of the online community.  And I think my thoughts about that is what may have prompted the dream....wondering if I'll falter, miss a step and have to sit this one out, OR can I hold my own in the on line world, and dance right along with the rest of you?   I am still hearing Ann Murray's "Can I Have This Dance" in my head, even now.  And I want to answer - YES!  For the rest of my life......

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