Monday, January 10, 2011

Official Web Site!

It's  up, it's running - and it will soon have a PayPal button. is my official website, with new news about classes at Coyote Wisdom  links to Etsy, and other cool stuff as well.  I'm going to keep this blog going for awhile, just to be sure the kinks are unkinked on the site - but I think we got it!  Many, MANY, MANY thanks to my friend James for his wonderful knowledge and assistance in getting it going - he's a wonderful artist, author, and all round great guy!  Check out his work at
I think that's enough links for one post, don't you?  But stay tuned - cuz there may be more interesting links and fun stuff to add - both here, and on the website.  I'm also getting a little farther everyday with my dining room turned studio - and tomorrow is supposed to be a nasty snow day - so I may get even further with it if I stay here and work.  I'll try to post some 'in progress' photos soon.
TTFN!  Bead Happy!

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