Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's a blog share trifecta!

I guess Lisa Crone and I just have a lot of beading styles in common.  Once again - for the THIRD time in just the span of a week or so - I'm featured in her blog!
She blogged yesterday wondering about using prisms from old chandeliers in her jewelry.   And wouldn't ya know - that's exactly one of the mediums I've been working with of late.  In fact, two of my prism pieces are on display and for sale in one of our local Art Galleries right now
with a third for sale on my Etsy site (the BLACK one)

I'm so grateful to Lisa for once again using ME as an example to her other beady bloggy readers and I hope to see a few of you over here on mine!
Stay tuned!  Because even though I'm ending one chapter of my life (see previous blog post), I'm beginning another, and my head has NOT stopped churning out new design ideas!  Posting soon:  "The Magic Rainbow" - a front toggle necklace that shortens because one side can also be a bracelet!  FUN!
TTFN fellow beaders.....bead happy!

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