Saturday, January 29, 2011

Transformation complete

I don't have a photo yet - but the studio transformation has been made.  I've closed the shop inside the antique mall, and moved my design and teaching operation to here at home.  I'll have the whole month of February, and probably some of March to design, play, prepare for phase 2, and BREATHE. 
Yesterday was quite stressful, and I know that the owners, as well as a vendor or two that I thought I was on friendly terms with - are upset with me, and unfortunately there's not really anything I can say to them to make them understand.   I've been studying the teachings of Abraham for the last year, and I'm learning to manifest, be abundant and LIVE a positive life. Unfortunately, there's been lots of negative energy and nasty words being passed around there these days.  So I, in turn, manifested a bigger, better opportunity that would allow me to move on and away from those energies.  It was just TIME. 
So for those of you that read my blog - you're among the first to hear the details as I know them:  Beginning in March (date not set yet) my bead shop will again be located INSIDE another shop - but this time - it's one I know well:  Coyote Wisdom Books & More is a great metaphysical (new age) book and gift store that is like a second home to me.  I will be renting floor and counter space from the owner, and maintaining shop hours 2 or 3 days a week - just like I did at the antique mall.  The main focus will be on the semi precious beads, and what can be made with them to wear for healing, etc.  I will also have a small amount of some of the go alongs, accents, silver and of course, a case of my finished things - where I can once again display and sell my FACE OF THE GODDESS pieces and know that they will be appreciated and given positive raves.  The customer base at the antique store - mostly just passers by looking for flea market deals and antiques, just didn't get my mystical design style.  I am so excited to get started on the new venture.  I know that I technically had 3 more potential sales days at the antique store shop, but I just had to make the break.  Still have a few things to go back and get - probably Monday.  And  it's not like I'm completely leaving as I originally planned-I'm maintaining a case of my finished lower end jewelry pieces there for a few months, so I'll be putting in a little bit of time there after all.  But it still feels to me as though they were pushing me out, and it has made me very uncomfortable there. Hopefully by the time I have to work my first shift (must work and pay rent to maintain space there), they will have gotten over whatever unhappiness this whole drama has caused them.   It was time for change - and I couldn't be more excited about it. And I LOVE how the studio space worked out - I'll take a photo tomorrow - wait until you see!
Ok.  I think I've babbled sufficiently for one evening. 
TTFN  Bead happy!

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