Friday, January 7, 2011

Cool project storage - and a new piece!

I really don't like shopping at Walmart.  In fact, I don't actually 'shop' there - but there are occasionally things that I need to pick up and Walmart is just the most convenient.  So while picking up something earlier this week, I came across THIS wonderful little thing - and I may need to go and get more of them.  It's a document box-that will be used as a PROJECT box!  Look how the magazine (in this case, the latest B&B) fits right inside, and the dividers fit nicely on top, to keep all the supplies needed for that project nice and organized.  The dividers are also removeable if I have more project than I do box!  This is cool and I even like the color (no purple though, bummer).  Now I'm even more excited about starting this new project.

I've also just finished another one of my favorite things to make - a Chunky Charm bracelet.  This one is called "Stormy Weather".  It was very hard to photograph with today's "stormy weather" outside - but the barrels are actually a deep, dark purple Sugilite, and the gray pearls actually have a hint of lavender.  I LOVE the stick pearl 'lightning".  $45.00 at Coyote Wisdom....
Happy beading everyone!

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